Kroger Luvsome


When launching their new dog food brand, LUVSOME, Kroger faced a few challenges—like the lack of willingness for trial and the lack of feedback from their consumers (because dogs can’t exactly talk). It was time to think outside of the box. A switch kit was developed and sent to influencers to educate the best way to switch to LUVSOME and to create brand advocacy. The kit contained materials on the brand, tips for switching, coupons, measuring cups, a LUVSOME branded can cover, and a custom LUVSOME USB drive containing the brand book and all of the switch chart information. The final kit was wrapped in kraft paper, adorned with washi tape and cotton twine, and spray painted with the LUVSOME brand heart on top of the box for a hand-crafted and personal feel.

Skills: Concept, Design, Kit Craft and Assembly, Production