Brillo Wedge Edge Sponge

Brillo is a brand built on heritage and history. A reintroduction into the market was necessary to promote new products, but to also prove that the Brillo sponge is no longer just the sponge your mother used. To speak to a new generation, a disruptive campaign was created, featuring memorable images and copy lines that would inspire consumers to take another look at the brand that they thought they knew so well.


As part of the new campaign, a :15, :10, and :6 spot were needed for network and cable as well as OLV. :15 was already a struggle to fit a concise message into, but the :6 required even more creative problem-solving. Personality, striking visuals, and choiceful editing allowed for the :6 to still achieve a brand connection and stop the consumer in their tracks.

Skills: Art Direction, Concept, Design, On Set Art Direction, Production